From consulting to pioneering

Nearly two decades ago Tutus began life as an IT-security consultancy firm. Today it provides trusted IT-security solutions for organisations and companies across the globe.

Since the launch of the FÄRIST Firewall in 1997, the company has been focusing on developing crypto network security devices, launching a new product at least every eighteen months. Most of our product solutions are developed for and in cooperation with governmental authorities, but they are equally suited for companies in non-governmental sectors who have similar security requirements.

What makes us different?

A commitment for assurance has put the company in the foreground for research and development of trusted IT-security solutions. In 2002 Tutus became the first Swedish company with a product certified according to the Common Criteria standard, and in 2006 was the first company to be certified by the Swedish certification body (CSEC). Tutus is also the first company to develop an encryption device based on a standard platform approved for Swedish classified information (sv. Rikets säkerhet) and the first company offering a product approved for sensitive information (sv. Krypto för skyddsvärda uppgifter).

Today and tomorrow

  • Tutus will continue its mission to provide affordable, user-friendly security products with the highest level of assurance possible.
  • Making use of standard hardware platforms, Tutus will thus be able to quickly develop new products to match the constantly increasing requirements for performance, mobility, and ease-of-use.
  • Tutus will continue to be a reliable, responsive, and flexible partner for any organisation who takes their information security seriously.
  • Tutus' goal is to be the leading provider of restricted-approved IT-security products within the EU.