Assurance is our core value.

At Tutus we focus on IT-security products for customers who take their security seriously. We specialise in IP-networking and crypto technology and work together with designated authorities to develop solutions to meet the highest demands possible. Today Tutus is the main supplier of government approved and certified IT-security products in Sweden.

  • We deliver trusted IT-security solutions and products with the highest levels of assurance possible.
  • We offer affordable and user-friendly products.
  • Our products are tailor made for government and military sectors.

In focus

  • EU approves Tutus's VPN solution for secure communication

    The EU has approved Tutus's VPN crypto solution,...

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  • Swedish Government Secure Intranet

    The Swedish Government Secure Intranet (SGSI) provides secure communication between the Swedish authorities and the EU. Tutus are proud to be the supplier of VPN-crypto devices for this...

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  • Färist Mobile approved

    European Union approves Tutus secure smartphone for secure communication.


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  • News in focus

    Färist VPN approved in Slovenia

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