Support and upgrade contracts

Tutus offers support, training, installation, and deployment for all its products.

Tutus support includes troubleshooting, minor software upgrades (bug fixes), and access to our customer support database. Extended support contracts are available upon request (e.g. 24/7 or world-wide on-site support).

Customers can also sign upgrade contracts to ensure that they always have the latest version. 


For support issues please contact us via:

+46 8 551 102 30
Support database


Tutus Data provides support to SecuriGateway customers

Tutus Färist has been sold under other brands, one of these brands is SecuriGateway. The products sold under the brand SecuriGateway has the same functionality and content as Tutus Färist. The only difference is the name of the product, SecuriGateway. This means that Tutus Färist and SecuriGateway are fully compatible with each other. The company that has been selling Tutus Färist  under the brand SecuriGateway is Business Security AB. The trademark SecuriGateway is registered and owned by Business Security. For more information about Business Security visit

Tutus offers SecuriGateway customers the opportunity to obtain support directly from it's support organization. This applies to units of SecuriGateway with a valid support contract. Tutus also offer customers to renew support contracts that have expired. Please contact us on the above phone or e-mail address for more information.