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File encryption

“Certified and approved file encryption”

Approved and certified file encryption for Windows

Tutus Filkrypto is a file encryption/decryption application for Windows. Encrypted files are protected against both unauthorised disclosure (confidentiality) and modification (integrity), and (depending on key policy) Filkrypto can also provide authenticity. 

Filkrypto can be used in many different scenarios independent of file transfer program, storage media, communication protocol, and architecture. Typical usage is the secure transfer of sensitive or classified information using standard e-mail programs. Filkrypto can also be used to protect individual files on storage media such as USB flash drives.

Filkrypto has an intuitive, fully customisable, easy-to-use interface, supporting drag-and-drop and registered files for simple encryption and decryption.

Keys are easily created and securely protected using Filkryptos built-in key management. Filkrypto also supports import of both electronic and printed keys from a central key distribution authority. Keys can be stored locally or on separate external media.

Filkrypto is high assurance software that has been evaluated and certified according to Common Criteria. It is approved to protect national and EU-classified information up to the Restricted-level (specific version) in Sweden and approved to protect sensitive information.

Key features


  • Confidentiality -files are protected against unauthorised disclosure.
  • Integrity -files are protected against undetected unauthorised modification.
  • Authenticity -only users with access to correct keys can create valid encrypted files.
  • Compatible with all major e-mail programs including Lotus Notes, MS Outlook, Gmail, Eudora and cc:Mail.
  • Secure file erase
  • Emergency key erase
  • Certified according to Common Criteria EAL3
  • Approved by EU for EU Restricted
  • Approved for national security Hemlig / Restricted in Sweden.
  • Approved for protecting sensitive information (sv. Krypto för skyddvärda uppgifter -KSU)
  • Easy-to-use customizable user interface
  • Made in Sweden
  • M-number: M3184-097401
Certificates and approvals related to this product
Download technical specificationsPDFFilkrypto-ProductSheet 1.1.pdf