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Tutus Secure Mobile Solution

“Secure mobile communication based on Tutus Färist”

Färist Mobile – Security is not an App!

Färist Mobile is a comprehensive solution for secure mobile communication based on Tutus Färist which has been certified and approved by the Swedish armed forces and the EU.

All mobile communication - Securely

Färist Mobile has been developed to satisfy the needs of an organisation to be able to use the latest smartphones and tablets for:

  • Secure encrypted voice calls and messaging
  • Encrypted communication over VPN
  • Secure access to internal information
  • Browsing the Internet securely and anonymously

over open public Wi-Fi and mobile networks with guaranteed security.

Easy to integrate with existing infrastructure

The solution consists of a central node that is based on Tutus's approved products, and secure Android devices in the form of smartphones and tablets. Färist Mobile is fully compatible with Tutus's other products, and together they give a complete system solution of secure and approved components.

Latest models of smartphones and tablets

One of the fundamental principles of Färist Mobile is that the mobile units are to be the most recent models from leading suppliers, with all of the functions that are now available for efficient and mobile work, supplemented with high security and assurance from Tutus.

Ease of use

Färist Mobile is available both for smartphones and tablets in various sizes and designs. They all have in common that they are based on Tutus’s secure mobile platform, which is fully Android-compatible.

  • The users do not need to learn a new interface
  • All Android apps can be installed and will automatically be protected by Färist Mobile
  • The same functionality and interface on all types of Färist Mobile
Key features
  • Encrypted messaging and voice calls
  • Secure always-on VPN
  • Secure communication over 3G/4G/WiFi
  • Application whitelistning
  • Disk encryption with strong keys
  • Central firewall
  • Can be used as secure 3G/4G/WiFi modem
  • Remote and local secure wipe
  • Integrity control of key components
  • Secure updates over-the-air
  • No hidden applications added by manufacturer or operator
  • Central management
  • Security policies
  • No account needed for activation and updates
  • Android based
  • Smartphones and Tablets


Färist Mobile protects against all types of security challenges

  • Malware - Protection against unknown and unwanted functions and apps
  • Hacking - Protection against vulnerabilities in apps and operating system
  • Eavesdropping – Encryption for all IP traffic to protect against unauthorised listening
  • Loss or stolen - Encryption of all user data to protect against access to locally stored information
  • Misconfiguration - Protection against unwanted changes or configuration by the end user
  • Mandatory accounts – No requirements for mandatory accounts
  • Lack of integrity - IP addresses protected by a central firewall



Download technical specificationsPDFFarist Mobile - Product sheet .pdf