• 17-11-30 Färist Mobile becomes the first EU-approved smartphone

    Press Release – For Immediate Release

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  • 17-02-23 Slovenian government approves Färist Mobile

    Press Release - For Immediate Release

    Slovenian government approves Tutus' secure

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  • 17-02-08 Färist Mobile and Färist VPN approved by Portuguese National Security Cabinet

    Press release, 8 Feb 2017

    The President of...

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  • 16-10-26 Färist Mobile KSU-godkänd

    Tutus säkra smartphone, Färist Mobile, först med att godkännas

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  • 14-10-21 Färist Mobile approved by Spanish security agency

    Press release, 22 October 2014

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  • 13-09-10 Tutus Färist VPN Undergoes Common Criteria Evaluation at EAL5

    Stockholm, Sweden – Tutus Data commissioned atsec information security to evaluate

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  • 13-04-23 EU approves Tutus's ultraportable VPN crypto – Färist Micro

    The EU has approved Tutus's VPN crypto, Färist Micro, for...

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  • 13-04-18 Tommy Hallberg appointed VP Sales and Marketing

    Tutus Data strengthens company management by appointing

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  • 13-03-06 Tutus's Norwegian agent secures new customer

    The Norwegian agent for Tutus Data, Bedriftssystemer, has secured a new customer in Norway for...

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  • 13-02-25 EU approves Tutus's VPN solution for secure communication

    The EU has approved Tutus's VPN crypto solution, Färist, for protecting EU

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  • 12-10-15 Färist Mobile in Computersweden

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  • 12-09-11 Tutus signs contract with NSM

    Tutus is aworded contract with Nasjonal

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  • 12-09-11 New employee Joel Arbring

    Tutus welcomes our new employee Joel Arbring. Joel will joint our Färist development...

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  • 12-08-24 Tutus sponsors sec-t

    Tutus is proud to be the premium sponsor of the sec-t

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  • 11-09-07 LNP receives Common Criteria Certificate

    Tutus crypto key management product LNP has been awarded Common Criteria Certificate with...

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  • 11-06-01 Färist Firewall 3.1 released!

    Tutus is proud to present the release of Färist Firewall 3.1. This release includes

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  • 11-05-25 Swedish Armed Forces approves the world’s smallest VPN-crypto device

    Tutus Data is pleased to announce that the Färist Micro VPN-crypto device has been...

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  • 11-05-05 Tutus sponsors Sig Securitys event to Riga

    Tutus sponsors Sig Securitys cruise to Riga 22-24 may.

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  • 11-03-08 New employee

    Tutus welcomes our new employee Magnus Eriksson. Magnus starts March 8 and will be joining the...

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  • 11-01-17 New employee

    Tutus welcomes our new employee Yordan Lazarov. Yordan starts 17th January and will be joining

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  • 10-10-19 New homepage

    Tutus is pleased to announce its new website! 


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  • 10-10-12 Färist Firewall 3.0.3 Released

    Tutus is proud to present the latest minor release in the Färist 3.0 series. This release

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  • 10-09-20 New employee

    Tutus welcomes our new employee Daniel Fahlgren. Daniel starts 20th September and will be...

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  • 10-09-03 Munin 2.2.3 released

    Tutus is proud to present the release of Munin 2.2.3. This release includes an updated

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  • 10-07-02 H150 -New hardware for high availability

    Tutus can now offer two new versions of Färist and Munin-based products. The H150 and...

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  • Tutus Data Announces Approval of VPN Solution to Protect Government of Slovenia's Classified Information

    Press release, 12 May 2015

    Tutus Data Announces Approval of VPN Solution to Protect Government of Slovenia's Classified Information

    Färist VPN received approal to provide Slovenia's Office for the Protection of Classified Information with secure Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to protect government's most sensitive data. 

    STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – May 12, 2015 -- Tutus Data, providers of IT-security solutions for organisations and companies across the globe, today announced that its Färist VPN product has been approved by the Republic of Slovenia's Government Office for the Protection of Classified Information, known as the UVTP. Färist VPN enables organizations to build virtual private networks (VPNs) for secure communications; the software enables users to interconnect private networks over untrusted public networks using encrypted tunnels. Färist VPN has been approved by UVTP for protecting Slovenian classified information at the level of RESTRICTED, a high and very secure level of encryption. 

    "We're delighted and honored that the Slovenian government has approved Färist VPN, demonstrating their trust in us to protect their most sensitive information," said Jens Bohlin, CEO of Tutus Data AB. "Since the Färist platform was introduced in 1997, it has provided affordable, user-friendly and the highest level of security for a broad array of government and private sector environments. Today's announcement underscores the reliability of our entire family of network and mobile security solutions, as well as our continued growth and expansion into new global markets." 

    Cyber espionage accounts for a significant and rising number of reported data breaches. In fact, 20 to 30 percent of all security breaches are perpetrated by hackers, who range from disaffected lone wolfs to organized government-controlled operations. However, the real number is assumed to be much higher as it is difficult to detect many types of intrusions and eavesdropping. Both large and small organizations are subject to cyber espionage -- all technology-intensive companies are vulnerable. Tutus' products are aimed precisely at these environments -- ones that require "military grade," around- the-clock protection. 

    Tutus Data began by developing security solutions to meet the rigorous demands of the Swedish Armed Forces. Today, it is delivering affordable and flexible security solutions for the private sector as well, as it grows its customer base across Europe. 

    "We're seeing a great increase in interest across the region in security solutions that provide organizations with seamless protection -- across the enterprise, over unprotected IP networks, and for all their mobile devices," says Tommy Hallberg, VP Sales and Marketing at Tutus Data. "Today's announcement shows organizations across Europe the degree to which our security solutions can be trusted with their most critical assets: their data." 

    About Tutus Data AB

    Founded in 1992, Tutus delivers high-quality encrypted network solutions for use in military, government and corporate IT applications that require the highest levels of secure communication. Tutus is the main supplier of government-approved and certified IT security products in Sweden, and is making steady progress towards its goal of becoming the leading provider of approved IT security products within the EU. 

    For more information about Tutus Data AB, visit or send email to Images in higher resolution of Färist VPN can be downloaded from

    Certificates from UVTP (Slovenia)