Browsing the Internet from sensitive or even classified networks can be a risky business. Tutus

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  • Swedish Government Secure Intranet

    The Swedish Government Secure Intranet (SGSI) provides secure communication between Swedish authorities and the EU. Tutus are proud to be the supplier of VPN-crypto devices for this important cross national intranet.

    SGSI is a government network separate from the Internet. It is designed to provide secure transmission with very high availability and redundancy. SGSI can be used to transfer sensitive and classified information between agencies in Sweden and to the EU (via the S-TESTA network).

    SGSI is governed by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency and administered by the Swedish Armed Forces and the National Police Board.  With the help of the Tutus Färist VPN-product, SGSI can offer a flexible and cost-effective connection providing the level of security required by both national and European regulations.

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