• Swedish Government Secure Intranet

    The Swedish Government Secure Intranet (SGSI) provides secure communication between Swedish

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    Browsing the Internet from sensitive or even classified networks can be a risky business. Tutus offers a highly secure solution for Internet browsing using the Färist Firewall Peephole proxy. Our solution ensures that no viruses or Trojans can infect the users’ browser or the sensitive network and prevents all other network attacks. The core of the solution is the Färist Firewall Peephole proxy, which inspects traffic at the application layer and limits the bandwidth from the sensitive network, thus creating a minimal ‘peephole’ where there is no way for an attacker to gain access to the sensitive network.

    The Färist Peephole is based on the rfb-protocol (remote frame buffer), which is a minimal and simple protocol for accessing graphical user interfaces. All activities can be recorded and monitored in real-time without affecting the users’ browsing experience.

    Get what you need from the Internet without showing more than the tip of your nose.

    There are also versions of the Tutus Peephole for Windows (rdp) and Citrix (ica). Please contact us for more information.